Small Change

Gabriel and the Mind Prying Trailer

Story 5 - Session 6

With perhaps surprisingly little fuss, Warlord and his gang are escorted into the truck trailer and driven off the quarry to a more secluded location. The goods he brought are shortly picked up by Sophia’s girls.

Inside the truck, Gabriel gets things underway as Carmen binds the men up. He attempts, and fails, to persuade Warlord to tell them the address of where they could find Rhino’s two leaders. Warlord, naturally, refuses, requiring Gabe to most unpleasantly invade his mind. The neosape doesn’t take well to it, but Gabe isn’t able to pry anything out. Gabe moves on to the next grunt down the line with similar results.

After an hour’s break, Gabe returns with the news that he could simply shatter Warlord’s mind to get what he wants, but he’d rather not. Carmen fails to convince their captive it will be better to just tell them and not have to go through this mental torment. Nixie, as Crow, is able to convince him, however — an invisible little bird of common sense and compassion, as it were. He recites a few addresses.

Before he and his men can be safely released, however, Gabe subjects each and every one of them to a binding oath: they cannot speak of or otherwise communicate what they have experienced this evening. Afterwards, they are sent on their way, and the team disperses with their new information.

Side note: Vincent mentions for Nixie to ask him about the traincars in the Boneyard.


Monday, September 2nd, 2167


Waxing Quarter


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 384 XP



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