Small Change

Finding Cheveyo

Story 5 - Session 8

Nixie calls an emergency meeting: everyone should come to Vikky’s place ASAP and prepared for combat. When all are gathered, Marc is there to share with them what Nixie divined with her special powers:

  • There is a two-thirds chance attacking Rhino is unnecessary if the group announces their intentions to Spiralnebel instead. Nixie did not look into the effectiveness of taking out Rhino’s head as far as getting Rhino out of the city goes.
  • There is a less than 50% chance someone in Warlord’s group is going to break their oath and speak about what happened.
  • Allegro HQ, the business Nixie was getting weird vibes from, “doesn’t exist within the causal spectrum” – meaning whatever anomaly that created it is strong enough to dupe everyone except Nixie.
  • In two days, DA Stephanie Morgan may be murdered.
  • Chief Irons, according to Marc, is in need of protection.
  • Assumedly, something bad is going to happen soon that includes Cheveyo and The Suns.

The group tries to determine which matter is more urgently in need of addressing. Gabriel suggests that Nixie/Marc’s wording has lead to muddled forecast. As the rest discuss what to do, Sophia heads out to check in on Cheveyo, as her ‘personal line’ to him is no longer in operation. All she discovers is that the Suns have moved bases and accrued a fair number of arms and munition; there is no sense of urgency and Cheveyo’s location is unknown, even to his Suns (or so they say).

Back at Vikky’s, they discover Cheveyo’s phone is offline. With some quick hacking by Carmen, it’s discovered that his service drops completely at a certain location for periods of days, regularly, for the past couple months. With no explanation of why this happens, all of them head out to the location in question: Mr Golds Pawn Shop and Oddity Emporium. Sophia precedes the rest of them, donning a “new” human form to sniff the place out.


Thursday, September 5th, 2167


Waxing Gibbous


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 392 XP



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