Small Change

Few Alternatives

Story 5 - Session 7

With two days to recuperate from their… excursion with Warlord, all gather at Vikky’s place for a regular round table discussion.

Al, hoping to give Gabriel a frame of reference for the likes of sapes they had to deal with and will have to deal with again, and how much firepower the group has to work with, offers for him to ‘pry’ her mind and watch the fight with Spiralnebel’s task force. Carmen offers camping as an alternative; Vikky has some spells she hasn’t been able to fully try out herself anyway, and it she claims it will be a good opportunity for all of them to know each other’s boundaries and capabilities. Any further plans for a camping trip will wait until after they deal with Warlord’s addresses.

Vincent brings up the spiraling layout of the Boneyard train cars, making a reference to a tower defense game. While it’s wholly unclear who set up the train cars (perhaps the German?), there’s a fair chance the spiral was arranged to help keep zombies from within getting outside. Possibly. Nixie and Vikky make a note to try to learn if She Who Lives In Her Name, the ‘patron’ of the Boneyard graffiti, likes spirals.

Sophia reports on the address Warlord shared with them. Rhino’s top brass live in the top floor of a fortress-like office building. The security is tight; the easiest way to get into the building (taking into account the number of people they’d have to work through to get to Rhino’s heads) is through the ceiling. There is a basement with street access — probably for their wares — and the top floor suite has a safe room.

The plan amounts to Sophia and Vikky flying rope up to the top of the building so that the rest can climb up stealthily. Once on top, they will blast a hole through the ceiling so they can all drop in from above and hit Rhino before they can react. Once they’re done, they’ll take the rope back down and disperse.

However, Al protests, asking if there are any alternatives to killing Rhino’s heads. Is there any chance of driving Rhino out of the city without killing the leaders – and possibly having to kill anyone who steps up to take their place? The short answer is there are very few effective, peaceful means of erasing the syndicates that won’t take months or years to enact – at least, that anyone in the group can dream up currently.

The final answer is left to Nixie’s divination: do they hit hard or is there a separate option they’re unaware of?


Wednesday, September 4th, 2167


Waxing Quarter


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 388 XP



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