Small Change

Explosive Confrontation

Story 2 - Session 6

Everyone arrives at Chez Retard, preparing to confront and take down Jimmy. Before they can start, Nixie senses the sentience on premise and tries to inspect Jimmy’s mother, who turns out to be using an oxygen tank. This discovery makes Nixie hesitate on her initial plan to conk her out. In the interim, a policeman arrives investigating masked people hanging around the area. In order to avoid suspicion, Kuku shares a steamy kiss with Ana. The policeman tells them to shoo, which they do, somewhat reluctantly leaving the remaining four to take care of Jimmy while they secure an alibi to prevent themselves from being tied in with the future murder/missing person.

Nixie, Vikky-spider, Vincent and Sophia prep to open the garage door as soon as the policeman has bugged off. When they do, another bomb blasts them and the door. Jimmy – or rather, a robotic, red-eyed thing that might be Jimmy – waits for them behind. Thanks to her special invisibility, Nixie is able to take a nice chunk out of him before he blasts Vincent, Sophia and Vikky with bullet rain.


Saturday, July 6th, 2167


Waxing Quarter


Session Award | 0 XP
Total | 0 XP
Running Total | 203 XP



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