Small Change

Double Feint

Story 7 - Session 21

Sophia knows where Nero Drago is. The Sycamore Lodge. With Gabriel.

It’s certainly a trap, but the group is in a flurry to hurry back to the lodge to prevent or stop whatever tragedy is about to happen, until Sophia receives a call from Drago and his order that they’re not done yet. The Cathedral was a double feint; the real problem lies within the Boneyard. According to Drago, a glass container will be transported to the river, and that at all costs must it neither be allowed to reach the river nor broken open. With Gabe acting as insurance forcing their hand, the group turn to the Boneyard instead.

They find – barely, at that – a single Fox-masked figure waiting for them in the shadows of the Boneyard, with a single small vial on his waist. The subsequent fight takes suspiciously little time or effort, the vial secured by, of all things, Marxie’s mouth. The Fox figure is dispatched of before any questions can be asked, or answered.

Most of the group returns to the lodge afterwards, coming across a ruffled but unharmed Gabe. Drago’s trail hasn’t just gone cold but evaporated, but at least, as far as they can tell, the city is safe from a fate worse than death. For now.

(End of Story)


Thursday, October 31st, 2167


Waxing Gibbous


Session Award | 4 XP
Story Award | 5 XP
Total | 9 XP
Running Total | 567 XP



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