Small Change

Details, Details

Story 3 - Session 9

The group reconvenes at Cheveyo’s place to polish off the final details of their plan to hit Shogun. Gabriel joins them this time. They arrive, after some back-and-forth, that their best shot in getting Volcano to vacate their headquarters is to storm into the restaurant Casa del Sol Naciente, in off hours, and demand protection money – the idea being that Volcano won’t stand for this breech of territory when the owner is so closely connected to Volcano. (The owner’s daughter is a close friend of a Volcano general’s son.)

It’s also decided, almost unanimously, that recruitment of the TCDS should wait for a later date, due to time constraints, uncertainty over a reason for their agreement, and the proof killing Shogun will prove to them that the group is both committed and able.

The helicopter will be retrieved shortly before they storm the castle, as with no sure way to disable the GPS within, they’re at risk of being found before they have the chance to use it.

Everyone turns to Nixie to determine when the best time to launch their attack is. As she’s addressing all the variables, Marc comes up in conversation; Nixie leaves the room. Frustrated that she’s still the only one to remember Marc is not dead like everyone else believes, Sophia tries to explain the delicate relationship between Nixie and Marc, and conveys at the very least, once again, that Marc is not dead. Irritated, Cheveyo dismisses the meeting. When Nixie shrieks from elsewhere in the warehouse, Vincent and Vikky rush over to find she looks like she’s been hit by bus. She explains ‘mistakes she made are catching up with her’ and ‘not to talk about Marc, as he wouldn’t want that.’


Wenesday, July 17th, 2167


Waning Gibbous


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 252 XP



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