Small Change

Dawn of a New Alliance

Story 3 - Session 7

The fight continues. Arachne-Vikky ends up looking worse for wear from a bad strike from the Bull, but otherwise holds up alright. Nixie brings reluctant demise to Guitar Wolf, fragile for all his musical prowess. Vincent picks off a would-be deserter and ends up blazing his true colors to avoid certain pain when the Bull turns on him instead, and Sophia is quick to put the man down as a result.

The warehouse is eventually cleared of its protectors, giving them the freedom to pack up the truck and ship themselves back to the manse. On the way back, Nixie makes a call to the Balas to inform Caesar they’ve picked up the goods, but gets an unfamiliar voice. With a little clarification and a new voice, she discovers that Caesar is quite possibly dead and that the Balas are under new management – management that is still interested in the deal they struck . They agree to meet up with this new leader three hours from then, giving them time to unload the truck, destroy it (courtesy of Sophia), and rest up beforehand.

Three hours later, Nixie, Vikky and Sophia turn up at the determined meeting spot. The Balas’ (or what used to be the Balas) new leader, Cheveyo has come to greet them wearing armor, an orichalcum scythe-harp (scytharp) and, if his nature wasn’t already obvious enough, a sun-emblazoned duster. He seems to make the wrong assumptions about the three of them on first blush, aggressively claiming them to be Syndicate members. This initial misunderstanding is tensely resolved before a fight can break out, with Vikky and Sophia both showing their own caste marks and telling him he’s not the only one of his kind. They go on to discuss their intended plan involving the Balas, and how their goals line up with Cheveyo’s. When he asks to be with them to take down Shogun in exchange for concocting them a plan to distract Volcano, it’s agreed that they’ll take information of their new found Solar ‘associate’ back to Vincent to discuss and come to an agreement on how to proceed.


Sunday, July 14th, 2167


Waning Gibbous


Session Award | 6 XP
3-die Stunt | 1 XP (Ven)
Total | 7 XP
Running Total | 244 XP



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