Small Change

Cups and Cake

Story 5 - Session 11

Tentatively, the group sets aside the matter of Cheveyo and his mirror to Hell in order to address what they’re going to do with Rhino. While it may be possible to lead to the arrest of Rhino’s head members, that will be a difficult and very lengthy road no one (aside from Gabriel) in the group is properly equipped to help facilitate – not to mention the fact that the government’s ability to properly imprison neosapes is likely subpar. Instead, they focus on confirming if their intended plan – that is, surprise attack and take down Rhino’s top brass – is the right one.

It’s determined, after lengthy conversation and planning the question, the answer is to attack Rhino without the intent to kill.

After this, Vikky receives a call from one of her employees, Tincan Bill, about a strange woman hanging around the shop. All but Vincent and Sophia head out with her to check out what’s up. Following Nixie’s tracking nose, the group ends up in a dilapidated basement bar. No one’s inside, seemingly, but they check the back door…

…and end up in a Wonderland-esque alternate world made entirely of teas and sweets. Their way in is sealed off, so they set off to try to locate Bill. They find him peaceably sitting at a long table, having tea with a beautiful young boy whom Nixie immediately pegs as an anomaly. Though the boy is polite and peaceful, she warns the group about potential mental manipulation. As a group, they try to coax the unwilling Bill away from the tea party; when he continues to refuse, Al simply slings him over her shoulder so they can leave. However, it seems the Tea Fairy is able to get under Carmen’s skin. Their departure is halted, briefly, as the rest try to convince Carmen to immediately come with them and be gone from this place. She gives in eventually to leave the Tea Fairy without having a cup with him first, and they head back towards where they first came in this sweet nightmare.


Thursday, September 5th, 2167


Waxing Gibbous


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 404 XP



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