Small Change


Prologue - Session 2

Having made their narrow escape from the unnatural crystal bomb, the team groups in an alleyway outside of St. Alphonso’s only to witness a Rhino syndicate limousine pull up in the street just beyond. They are immediately set upon by a group of Rhino members demanding answers and accusing them of having something to do with the bomb. In the course of the group’s rebuttal, they possibly face having to explain themselves to a Rhino Neosapien by the name of Big Mama.

Luckily, Marc is able to convince the Rhinos to let them go …only for another Syndicate limousine to pull up in the street and promptly engage in gunfight with the Rhinos. The team flees the resulting crossfire without harm, retreating to the Boar and Bear Irish Pub.

The following moment of peace is interrupted by the unarmed combat of two Neosapiens: a woman in traditional maid livery and a red-headed man wearing a labcoat. The two continue on elsewhere without any consequence to the group or the surrounding area. Left to their own, the group discusses retrieving their vehicles from the bomb scene but ultimately decides to leave it for later, lay low for the time being and call it a night.


Monday, April 16th, 2167



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