Small Change

Cricket Rampage

Story 1 - Session 16

Deeming that their intervention is unnecessary, the team departs from Rampage’s attack on Pulse Arcade – except for Nixie, who takes off for the rest of the night to “do what she can” and Sophia, who stays behind to wreck it out with Rampage.

Everyone else goes out for burgers and eventually ends back up at Vincent’s manse to discuss what to do now. The matter of the portal to the dead at The Boneyard is foremost on their mind, though Spiralnebel is also worth thinking about. Unfortunately, none of the four really know what to do next.

After Rampage calls it a night, Sophia trails after her as a crow just for the sake of it. She turns up at a tall sky-scraper in the heart of central Thunder City, possibly Volcano‘s headquarters – or at least housing for its members. She’s unable to follow Rampage in but takes a fly around up top and discovers the rooftop has a full Japanese garden on it, building included – which she recognizes is the same one in the picture of the Japanese presumed sape found in Simon Carrel’s safe. When she lands, she hears a cricket – an anomaly at the garden’s height – but is chased off by an emerald-skinned sape likely to be The Shogun, Volcano’s leader.

She returns to the manse to share this information, suggesting the far-fetched chance that the cricket is the Japanese woman who might be a Lunar sape. She also brings up the oddity of the mystery driver simply convincing Kuku he needed a ride from the Boneyard to Pulse, and how both he and Vikky forgot how they ended up at Pulse in the first place. Marc comes up in the conversation, as everyone but Sophia has forgotten Marc is neither dead nor missing, as the oddity of forgetting something like this is highly suspicious. If the man who delivered them to Pulse is a sape like Marc is as coincidence suggests, why is he delivering them to Pulse?

Sophia is just about to call Nixie when a sudden knocking on the window alerts everyone’s attention. When Vincent and Sophia investigate, a cricket is found on the windowsill. Sophia snatches it, assuming it is, in fact, the Japanese Lunar sape, and goes through the motions of trapping it, threatening it and eventually smashing it under foot.

As it turns out, it really was a cricket and Ana’s quite the little prankster.


Saturday, June 8th, 2167


Waxing Gibbous


Session Award | 4 XP
Creation Bonus | 4 XP (Laura + Kate)
Total | 8 XP
Running Total | 95 XP



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