Small Change

Creepers Been Creeped

Story 7 - Session 8

All is seemingly as well as it could be with numerous things just waiting to go wrong on the home front. Life carries on as usual… except for when Gabriel calls Al to inform her Baron von Shinto is holding him hostage at his office. All those already at Vikky’s place zoom off to the rescue in a panic, expecting the worst.

Once they arrive and convince von Shinto to release the lawyer from his otherwise harmless grip, they’re able to have a mostly professional conversation. Von Shinto had latched onto Gabriel with sape voodoo and followed him home as a sort of insurance against them, and apparently for good reason: a great number of Creepers have simply gone missing over the past two days, not answering doors or phones when von Shinto came looking for them.

With a bit of hacking, Carmen shares that at least one person’s phone hasn’t moved from his apartment since two days prior. So they go to investigate. What they find is the missing person – completely mentally checked out – and a bit of haunting graffiti…

If only I could nudge you from this sleep,
My maimed darling, my skittery pigeon.
Over this damp grave I speak the words of my love:
I, with no rights in this matter, Neither father nor lover.


Monday, October 21st, 2167


Waning Crescent


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 513 XP



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