Small Change

Crash the Tea Party

Story 6 - Session 20

Following Nixie’s Essence-enhanced nose, Luther, Nixie, Carmen, Vincent and Sophia all find their way back to the basement bar where the group before was sucked into fairy candyland, where they step back into. On their after the missing Raksha, they come across and fight a trio of giant candy snakes (including derpsnake). On trekking deeper, they come across a cheesecake coliseum, where the Tea Fairy has holed up.

Rather than just sit there and explode into confetti, however, the Tea Fairy manipulates the environment, twisting it. He warns the group that there will be repercussions for ruining his tea party; naturally, they ignore this threat. Sophia wastes no further time in shooting at him. It takes two bullets to down him. After the first, however, something weird happens: the Tea Fairy rewrites her ‘story’ into that of the Evil Stepsister after the end of the story. Her clothes become ratty and dirty. Beyond her physical appearance, nothing else seems to change, however…

Once Luther has collected the freehold’s heart and the candy land has dissipated, he announces it’s time for him to move on. There are plenty more Raksha to take care of elsewhere in the world. As far as they know, Thunder City is certifiably fairy-free. For now.

(End of Story)


Sunday, September 29th, 2167


Waning Crescent


Session Award | 4 XP
Story Award | 2 XP
Total | 6 XP
Running Total | 480 XP



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