Small Change

Contemplating the Trudge Through Syndicate Mud

Story 1 - Session 4

Two weeks after their last meeting, Sophia calls for another get-together — specifically to discuss plans on taking King Syndicate down. She proposes feeding sensitive and secret King information to a gang connected to the Rhino Syndicate (which is at odds with King) to get Rhino to attack King and do some dirty work for them. Early on in the discussion, Nixie announces she feels this night is the night any tenuous connections between Volcano and King should break. She provides the group with both King and Volcano syndicate power hierarchies and suggests that they find a common link between them or a member in either syndicate to frame.

Much deliberation follows, wherein the group shares what they know about King and Volcano (primarily Kuku, Vincent and Sophia) to determine who is the best choice to “make rogue,” and that the best method may be to hack into Volcano’s system with a King member’s computer; even if in the (hopefully) resulting aggression King tosses the rogue member and tries to reestablish tentative truce with Volcano, the group would have one less King member to deal with. They at last determine that King Lieutenant Simon Carrel is the best option for this framing job, thanks to his debt and easy access via Sophia. Nixie tries to supernaturally determine when is the best time for them to break into his apartment that night, but is unable to extract an answer. Failing that, Sophia decides to call Simon and get him out of the apartment, and the group sets out.

Book says: {((n|n))} Kuukauu.


Wednesday, May 29th, 2167


Waxing Crescent


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 22 XP



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