Small Change

Complicated Hit

Story 2 - Session 5

The evening after the assassin mishap, Vincent’s text brings everyone together at Kuku and Ana’s new apartment. He hands off to Kuku a server rack that Sophia (now absent) apparently retrieved from the bank across from the Cathedral – the most likely point that Jimmy the Retard shot them from the previous night.

With relative ease, Kuku cracks the special video files and plays back the bank’s security footage for the prior evening. Hours before the group even went to the Cathedral, a strange humanoid figure with some kind of chameleon ability snuck into the bank and seemingly set itself up. Hours later, it exited the same way it came in – and left in a clearly marked vehicle out of the bank’s parking lot. Review of the previous nights shows that Jimmy had set himself up to watch the Cathedral on a nightly basis, from June 19th (the day after Rampage’s death) until July 5th.

Kuku hacks into the DMV and discovers via the license plate number that the car belongs to one James F. Owens, age 26. The file comes with an image and an address, which is located in a trailer park. However, as they cannot be certain James Owens is one in the same with Jimmy the Retard, they decide to call up Gabriel Dyson. In the course of their discussion, Dyson informs the group that James Owens was a client of his years back, and that he suffers from significant autism. The similarities between James Owens and Jimmy the Retard seem too coincidental, but Nixie asks FATE if James is who they want after all; sure enough, he is.

Though the greater part of the group feels some guilt for planning the death of an otherwise nonfunctional autistic man, it’s agreed that they must strike justice down on him physically instead of arranging his arrest. Tonight, Jimmy the Retard will die.

Book says: {((n|n))} •flops around in bathtub•

h3. Date

Saturday, July 6th, 2167


Waxing Quarter


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 203 XP



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