Small Change

Closed Door, Open Door

Story 4 | Session 5

The next day, Cheveyo calls the group together at the Suns’ HQ. The Suns themselves seem restless and nervous; Cheveyo informs the rest that he plans to march on Volcano to strike the finishing blow… without them. He announces that the clear lack of trust or ability to trust between him and the group speaks for itself, and that he will continue to work against the syndicates, but on his own. The team leaves on somber but “amicable” note.

When they return to the bookstore, the day is interrupted by a gang member brazenly attempting to tag Vikky’s shop window. A customer to the store – later identified as Al Meers – leaps into action to stop the man. (Nixie and Sophia do as well, fire-manning down the light pole outside.) The man threatens to draw his hefty gun on them when Al and Nixie press in on him, and their attempts to wrest free the firearm don’t blow over as well as Sophia’s, who shoots the gun out of hand. Daunted by the sight of a jade pistol, the guy flees into the city, leaving Vikky to clean up his fresh mess and Al to introduce herself.


Monday, July 22nd, 2167


Waning Quarter


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 284 XP



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