Small Change

Caught in a Hustle

Prologue - Session 4

Filled with new-found strength and ability, the freshly exalted team take down Fixer within a few, precise and dramatic attacks. Fixer is, ultimately, no match and is quickly rendered incapacitated, then finished off by Vincent and Sophia. As they still flare with the full effects of their anima, the group gathers the deceased (Small Change, by head-shot and Marc, his face having bore the brunt of his 8-story fall) and heads off to let their animas wear off.

Before they can get far, a limo rolls up alongside them with four Volcano thugs bearing guns, provoking a brief car chase and gunfire. In a daring stunt, Anatolia leaps to the enemy vehicle and punches out the engine, promptly ending the chase. The group goes on to take refuge in the quarry, letting their anima die down and putting Marc and Small Change to rest (courtesy of Kuku).

The night ends at Small Change’s unlocked apartment, sending of the last of his messages – the one he asked Marc to take care of should anything happen to him: “Sign Off”.

(End of Story)


Tuesday, April 17th, 2167


Waning Gibbous


Session Award | 2 XP
3 Die Stunts | 2 XP (Kate, Mike)
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 4 XP



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