Small Change

Catch Up

Story 6 - Session 5

Back from their camping trip, Gabriel calls for a meeting to catch up. Before that, he half-announces, half-asks the group that he’s thinking about running for mayor!

They outline all they’ve done lately. The run in with Cheveyo, Candyland, meeting with Spiralnebel instead of Rhino, and finding Hattie. Gabriel is most concerned with the door to Candyland, but a severe lack of knowledge has left them with few options. Their best chance is for Vikky to do some heavy reading in hopes of finding anything helpful out. In the meanwhile, though…?

Sophia unwillingly brings up the fact that the bar they visited before Candyland (which she was not present for) was the same bar that sparked a series of flash backs into a former life, one of which involved seeing the Queen of Thunder herself, in the flesh. (The picture found in Simon Carrel’s safe months ago is, oddly enough, of the same woman.) Unfortunately, and perhaps unsurprisingly, the dialogue is cut short when Sophia and Al butt heads.

When said heads have cooled, the topic turns towards Allegro. Carmen does some digging around and notices a weird lack of information about the business. Nixie is certain it’s an illusion of some kind, and is nervous about all of them going at once; in the event of any potentially dangerous flashbacks, personality changes, or external mental influence, she establishes a safe word for when they visit the building the next evening.


Monday, September 16th, 2167


Waning Quarter


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 439 XP



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