Small Change

Beatin Creepers

Story 7 - Session 6

Two questions concern the group when they return from their graffiti search and share their results: who is sending these messages and what do they mean? With that in mind, everyone (concerned that leaving anyone behind is inviting trouble) rolls out to the apartment building Nixie traced the trail to before, paying the Creepers a visit.

Sophia heads the interrogation; it doesn’t take much effort to make them talk. The Creepers are lead by a man named Baron von Shinto, who resides at 1333 Boone Avenue. Additionally, the night before, the Creepers’ party at Hooligans (a local bar) was interrupted by a man fitting the description of Nero Drago; he paid 10 Creepers $100 each to tag key locations with whatever they wanted – so long as they included particular designs with it. The three Creepers here, for example, were in charge of the ladybird design at Vikky’s store.

That’s all the group has time for before the cops arrive. Sophia and Vincent, trailed by Kuku, fruitlessly investigate Hooligans while the rest return to Vikky’s bookstore. While Sophia can confirm a man by Drago’s description had visited the bar the night prior, that’s as far as that trail leads. Once everyone returns to the bookstore, Cheveyo’s Suns and the police are both brought up.

Kuku, having never interacted with the Suns, is the best option to get an idea on what the gang is doing these days – and find any indication that Drago has sunk his talons into them as well. As for the police, it’s considered worth starting to extend their skills to the force (backup for neosapien mishaps, healing, for two), possibly as Kuku as the point of contact.

For the time being, it seems like no one’s going to be allowed to shack up separately. Can’t be too safe!


Friday, October 18th, 2167


Waning Crescent


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 504 XP



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