Small Change

Bad Moon Rising

Story 3 - Session 1

Gabriel states their best bet for a next move on the Syndicates is to either bleed their resources or act “dramatically, decisively, and precisely,” preferably where they’ve already made headway. He suggests that they go right for the big man himself, Shogun, making the argument that taking the leader will make the rest disperse or at least make him deflect resources into protecting himself instead of the smaller folk.

It’s generally agreed this is not a bad idea, though the matter of how to pull it off is less certain; Gabriel suggests that they work from the top down on Volcano’s headquarters. Without a reliable method to get up top (or get down for that matter) through charms or abilities, it seems the solution will be to ‘borrow’ a helicopter from Lightning syndicate and ride it up, with the added bonus of making Volcano think Lighting’s the one on offense. Gabriel tips off that there might be a warehouse on the East side they could scope out for one. As no one’s trained to fly a helicopter, Gabriel agrees to look into ‘lessons’ (read: study flight simulators) over the next week; Kuku agrees to look in to actual lessons “just in case.”

Gabriel takes off, leaving the rest (sans Sophia) to head back to Vikky’s place for food. After an hour with no call back from Sophia, Vincent voices a bit of concern. Given the trouble they’ve had in the past few days, everyone else is up for confirming her safety; Kuku triangulates the positioning on her phone’s GPS while Nixie asks Those Who Be and discovers, yes, they need to find Sophia immediately.

The lot of them truck it out to an old warehouse by the river, wherein they find a moderate amount of smashed crates, a small bit of fire, and Sophia sobbing hysterically – not unlike the Boneyard Boy they’d found earlier. She is nigh inconsolable, and suffering from severe dehydration when they arrive. Nixie makes a call to a contact to report and ask for advice while Vikky tries out a counter magic spell.

It’s not clear if it’s Vikky’s spell or Nixie’s pain-stealing touch, but something happens:

There’s a momentary sound like cloth being ripped. A burst of twisting, serpentine shadows suddenly erupts from Sophia’s form in all directions, slithering across the floor, darting under shelves, racing up the walls, fading into nothing. The building shudders slightly, the glass in the windows quaking and rattling. The flames flash green for a second and fade back to normalcy, the shadows they leave behind deep and lingering longer than they should.

Immediately, Sophia calms down and quiets. As Vikky’s glowing from the cost of her spell, she and Ana remain behind while Kuku drives Nixie, Vincent and Sophia back to the Sanctuary. When Kuku heads back for the two Russians, Nixie asks him for drinks and ear plugs, figuring that whatever happened to Sophia is aurally or performance related, thanks to Ana’s discovery of a simple, cheap guitar pick next to where they found Sophia.

There are many questions to ruminate over this unfortunate happening, particularly when Sophia is in no shape to discuss it. For now, all they can likely do is make assumptions and plan for multiple troubles.


Saturday, July 6th, 2167


Waxing Quarter


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 216 XP



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