Small Change

Back to the Boneyard

Story 5 - Session 1

Two weeks pass, half by choice and half by necessity – to let the heat die down after the collective murder of a Spiralnebel task force and to monitor any news that comes in about the syndicates. The group reconvenes to start the planning process for their next step in clearing Thunder City of its crime overlords.

Smolphia reports a few things:

  1. Rhino is aware of “The German,” a person one of the Spiralnebel agents told their associates to look out for before their grand fought broke out. Supposedly, this white male and his entourage are responsible for King Syndicate’s retreat from Thunder City. Rhino believes this man is neosapient – quite possibly Solar, his entourage normal.
  2. Sophia has made arrangements with a small-time gang in North TC to keep their ears out for any information. They’ve reported a rumor that the Boneyard Boys are now lead by a neosapient young boy.
  3. She is also working – incognito – with Rhino, to gain insight from within the organization.

It’s suggested that a visit to the Boneyard may be in order again. Nixie re-voices her concerns about the Blood Dawn disaster and expresses desire to ‘weed’ the place entirely. Demons, the shadowlands, the caboose, the strange disappearance/death of the young boy from before, and any possibility of making ‘citizens arrests’ instead of exactly vigilante justice on the Boneyard Boys all come up in conversation with little conclusion.

At the very least, Nixie stresses how important it will be to keep watch on the Boneyard, despite the potential strain that may cause on whoever participates in the watch. Cameras are considered as a possible option, though the technological and monetary limits of such will need to be considered more fully first.

However, a distinction on what the best course may be cannot be made until they have a look at the Boneyard again, so to the Boneyard they go.

When they arrive, they quickly notice strange, fresh graffiti all over the place: “Large, geometrically perfect circles painted in white. Their interiors have been hand-painted rather than sprayed, filled with dividing lines that make them look almost like pie charts, filled with mathematical formulae.” Vikky identifies them as demonic drawings related to something called ‘She Who Lives In Her Name.’ Sophia identifies that the Boneyard Boys were likely not the perpetrators, as they’re attempting to clean the markings off themselves.

Vincent abruptly approaches the two cleaning boys and brings them back to the group at gun-point. The two say they have no idea who made them – they’ve never see ‘tags’ like them before, and they started showing up a few days ago. That seems to be the limit of their usual information, and they’re released back to their cleaning.


Thursday, August 22nd, 2167


Waning Gibbous


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 362 XP



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