Small Change

Arranging the Distraction

Story 3 - Session 8

Before the group arranges to meet with Cheveyo again, Nixie and Sophia do a little separate intell on their own. Sophia assumes a pigeon form to do some spying; the only strangeness she can report is a dance-mixer that evolves into a strangely compelling dance ritual. She warns Nixie and tells the rest before Nixie heads off to speak with him alone; she reports her generally good vibe back to the group, saying she thinks Cheveyo cares a great deal about people.

They go ahead with their meeting, grabbing food from the Roadkill Grill for a picnic outside the Linger Lodge, and hit the ground running when Cheveyo joins them. There is some immediate tension between Cheveyo and Sophia, the former refusing to unfeelingly sacrifice his men and the latter refusing to focus on protecting them, should they join forces. With some navigation of the conversation, it’s agreed upon that, provided the power armor they got can be operated by mortals, they will go ahead with the original plan: distract Volcano and strike Shogun while he’s relatively alone. Cheveyo suggests that his men attack Volcano’s assets to make it seem like it’s a hit from another syndicate. Everyone (tentatively, in some cases) agree and head off to the Suns’ head quarters to see if the suits will even work at all.

A quick test run reveals the suits can be operated by mortals as well, fortunately. With their distraction seemingly secured, there’s just a little more preparation the group needs to do before they can take on Shogun – namely a helicopter to get them to the top of the volcano.


Monday, July 15th, 2167


Waning Gibbous


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 248 XP



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