Small Change

Another Sun

Story 4 | Session 7

With a work week off, the group reconvenes on Sophia’s request; Gabriel invites Al back to join them, on his own. Sophia presents them with a pizza box, wherein lies not a pizza but the King member information she mentioned the week prior. The papers detail the addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and similar contact information for Silas “The Brains” Comstock, Matthew “The Brawns” Comstock, Clementine “Rose” Wallace, and Jules “Quiet” Bisette. Pictures of the four are also included.

Before they proceed with planning the next move, they settle in to discuss what Al’s new roll will be – and if she’ll have a roll in the first place. To make a point about his intuition about Al, Gabriel, in a surprising display, attempts to attack Al with a knife; she deflects it easily, proving there’s something that hasn’t been said about her yet. With some careful conversation wading, it becomes clear that Al is a Solar neosapien as well. With this much, it’s determined that they at least trust her enough to let her listen in on their plan making and join them for a test run.

Sophia suggests a preliminary look over the four locations to get an idea of what they’re working with before they settle in and decide the who, when and how of their next hit. She, Vikky and Vincent set off to do just that, leaving Al, Gabriel and Nixie behind to chat it up.


Saturday, July 27th, 2167


New Moon


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 302 XP



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