Small Change


Story 5 - Session 3

After a brief interlude for Viktoriya’s birthday, Gabriel sends out the request to meet and discuss their plans for the syndicates.

One thing he mentions is Boris the Spider and the Oculus syndicate he’s apparently associated with. While its own crime syndicate, Oculus has no real foot hold in Thunder City (though that may change, given the vacancies left by Lightning, King and Volcano) and, more importantly, gave birth to Spiralnebel. Boris is Spiralnebel’s eyes and ears in Thunder City; Gabriel suggests that they tail or kidnap him to keep an eye on the organization’s movement throughout the city.

Nixie presents some confusing and concerning information: she’s tried to look into the happenings at the Boneyard but hasn’t received any concrete answer. Apparently, there are certain anomalies in the city – beings outside of Nixie’s web of knowledge: demons, undead, and most bafflingly, the “Fair Folk”. Any one of these uncommon but strange, dangerous beings could be the cause for the Boneyard’s zombies, but there’s not reliable way to track or find the culprit.

Nixie also announces that one anomaly present in Thunder City is planning on murdering the DA, and urges that she should be closely watched. Additionally, she learned that the German is also an anomaly.

With several things to keep tabs on the team (watching over the DA, babysitting the Boneyard, learning more about Rhino, and tracking down Boris the Spider) splits to take care of business.


Sunday, August 25th, 2167


New Moon


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 370 XP



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