Small Change

And Then There Were Four

Story 3 - Session 4

On his way back from securing a truck for their mission, Kuku receives a phone call from, of all people, Chief Irons; he quickly informs Mr. Obasanjo that a powerful group – not the syndicates – he is obligated to inform about ‘who and what’ Kuku is is after his life – and Ana’s. Chief Irons claims he doesn’t want that group to kill him, not in his city, so he gives Kuku the choice: the two of them can be arrested for the death of Jimmy Soloman and gain Chief Iron’s protection, or a much messier, more destructive alternative. Kuku’s answer is to hang up on him.

He returns quickly to the book store to very briefly inform the rest what’s happened and to tell Ana they have to leave, now. Not long after Kuku hangs up, the room is lit up by police lights. Outside the building stands the one and only Long Arm of the Law, with Chief Irons within demanding them to come out. In reply, Ana destroys the roof of Vikky’s living room, leading Kuku out to escape. Chief Irons is on them in a second, leading a brief but dramatic chase that ends when Kuku and Ana reach the former’s bike, tearing off to, potentially, never be seen again.

The rest, after a brief dispute, sneak out of the apartment over to Vincent’s manse to nail down their story for the cops. It’s decided that Vikky and Nixie will return to deal with the cops: while Vikky wished to stay and comply with Chief Iron’s ‘come out and hands up’ request, Nixie, who was more terrified by the Solar neosapien and the warstrider, convinced her to flee the scene. They knew Kuku and Ana were neosapien, but not what kind. For the purpose of their story, Vincent and Sophia don’t even exist.

Book says: {((;|;))} “Waun na Kuukuu Auna kaumaun houm?”


Saturday, July 13th, 2167


Waning Gibbous


Session Award | 4 XP
3-Die Stunt Award | 1 XP (Kuku)
Total | 5 XP
Running Total | 229 XP



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