Small Change

And Then There Was One

Story 4 - Session 19

Come 2AM, it’s high time the worn and battered (but no longer glowing) group leaves their barn cover. There’s some discussion of if it’s safe to return back home, about whether it’s more suspicious to come back or stay away. Ultimately, everyone takes off for their respective homes after Vincent drives them back – with Sophia as exception, who stays behind to see if she can land a hit on Sir Comstock while they still might have the opportunity to. (Though she stays quite late into the day, she never gets the opportunity.)

Once (most) everyone has had the chance to relax and recuperate, they all meet up again at Vincent’s manse come 9PM that evening. Gabriel and Book join them. The former explains that their work with Spiralnebel has greatly affected the political landscape of Thunder City. Overnight, both King and Lightning started to pull up their roots and head out of town, leaving Rhino the only syndicate left in town. While this is something to celebrate, several of the group voice some concern about this. What will it mean for their progress here on out?

They can expect the smaller gangs in town may rise up (not that they’re much of an issue to take care of at this point) and Rhino might take full advantage of the sudden vacuum of power. Spiralnebel undoubtedly knows it has a serious problem at hand, though how it will accomplish dealing with said problem is far less certain. Overall, Gabriel thinks the work might be a bit tougher going forward, but not impossible.

As it turns out, King syndicate was playing as bait for Spiralnebel, as they suspected Sir Comstock would be the next hit. Lightning was informed of their Spiralnebel cleanup via a King member, Roach, who Sophia identifies as the man who sold her the information regarding the top King brass.

Cheveyo comes up during conversation, and Sophia admits that the connection she’s been tapping into to watch him hasn’t worked the past two days; it’s alive, but she gets nothing out of it. Prompted to try again now, she does so, and is able to reach into the connection this time. She says she doesn’t witness much else beyond Cheveyo telling one of his men that he urgently needs to know ‘why’, and to get the information even if they have to kidnap one of the random muscle. She mentions the names he addressed, Tenerence Love and Slickback. It’s fleetingly debated about if they should inform Cheveyo about Spiralnebel, but decide to leave him on his own for now — pending further investigation regarding his work with demon tongues.

Conversely, Nixie brings up warning Chief Irons about what happened, explaining the sudden departure of King and Lightning and what this might bring to Thunder City as a result. Carmen suggests that this might also be a good chance to introduce themselves as a group to Thunder City. Sophia suggests that the group take a week off to let the dust settle, and that Nixie and Carmen (and anyone else who’s interested) prep the message to show the team in the interim while she and whoever else look into digging up dirt on Rhino. They make the plan to regroup in a week or so to share their respective information.

One syndicate remains between them and freeing Thunder City…

(End of Story)


Thursday, August 8th, 2167


Waxing Gibbous


Session Award | 4 XP
End of Story Award | 2 XP
Total | 6 XP
Running Total | 358 XP



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