Small Change

And Now We Wait Part 2

Story 1 - Session 12

Regrouping the night after the Riverside Fiesta, the team of six discovers… not a whole lot about the results. The news has picked up on it, but there’s no word – or sight, really – from any of the syndicates. A car speeds by on the street below, catching a parked car and tipping over Kuku‘s bike; it is only slightly scraped, but Kuku is wary of coincidence nevertheless. Rampage, or Natalie Pena, the daughter of Volcano syndicate’s Don, the Shogun, comes up in conversation. The group briefly considers taking her on, but more or less agree to send the Greek’s goremaul to her in hopes to incite her namesake’s wrath upon Lightning or King syndicate.

With her link to Simon, Sophia learns that the Capo of King is ordering his people to lay low and NOT go after Volcano or Lightning until more is learned about what happened – specifically from agent Fish (presumably a Volcano), who was present at the riverside. It seems that Spiralnebel is now recently within Thunder City, too.

The team also discusses:

Codenames for future excursions | Nixie is Crow, Kuku is Unicorn, Ana is Czar (tentatively), Sophia and Vincent are Bonnie and Clyde, and Vikky is undetermined.

Camping | Vikky expresses a desire to camp sooner rather than later, so they all have the chance to see what she can do. Sophia announces she can’t go until Simon’s out of the picture or he’s no longer needed as an ‘in’ for King. After a brief, slightly tense discussion, the team agrees Simon’s not worth the trouble and will be disposed of, on Sophia’s terms, as soon as possible. Camping would ideally take place shortly afterwards and before their work at the riverside fully blooms.

To Kill or Not To Kill? | Nixie expresses concern/sadness at the thought of killing everyone within the Syndicates, and proposes that the group not be all-encompassing when it comes to taking down the syndicate members.

Serial Murderer | In addition to the report on the riverside fiesta, WMFB News reports a for-sure serial murderer on the north side of the city.

Book says: {((9}9))} “Baunbaung? Baumbuu? Buubuu? Buubs? …. Buuuuuubs?”


Sunday, June 2nd, 2167


Waxing Crescent


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 65 XP



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