Small Change

And Now We Wait

Story 1 - Session 11

As it turns out, Ana‘s abrupt plan doesn’t take very long to enact – as soon as she and her new Volcano ‘friend’ go to get into his getaway limo, Ana engages him in combat again. Sophia and Kuku back her up in the brief, intense combat that brings The Greek down, but not before he states, “Fuck you guys. Fuck your kind. Fuck everything you do. You are the worst kind of authority this world ever feared and it’s going to put you back out of its misery.”

With the last of their enemies felled (except for the three that got away: two Volcano thugs and likely a sape by the name of Fish), the group scours the blood battlefield. Kuku retrieves the Fat Fuck’s grimcleaver and The Greek’s goremaul; Nixie snags a white jade shellcaster; Ana discovers a few cellphones, wallets and a bottle of champagne; and Sophia indulges in the heart’s blood of the two felled Neosapiens. Kuku uses his innate powers to dissolve the Fat Fuck’s body, but leaves the beheaded Greek where he lays, head bobbing in the Timber River.

Back at Vikky‘s bookstore, the lot of them discuss what to do now that they’ve stoked the fires. Nixie brings up the grave matter of everyone’s future – met with some resistance on her suggestion that everyone buddy up and branch out in Thunder City to secure some trust in its citizens and help back themselves up against Spiralnebel. Sophia brings up Marc, who everyone else still thinks is dead. Explaining it’s the opposite, even with help from Nixie, is problematic.

The group parts with the intention to keep a close eye on the news in the following day, and get back together the following evening.

Book says: {((n|n))} “Au wau mau mama.”


Saturday, June 1st, 2167


Waxing Crescent


Session Award | 4 XP
Challenge Award | 2 XP
Total | 6 XP
Running Total | 61 XP



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