Small Change

Ad Hack for Shipment

Story 1 - Session 8

In the aftermath of their paranormal activity and Kuku’s beheading of the mook Luke, the group sets to cleaning up their mess and discussing what to do next. Though they don’t know much about Volcano‘s shipment that was mentioned in Simon’s email, they decide that the best plan of action is to disrupt that shipment and rough up the tentative truce between King and Volcano.

That said, they know nothing about said shipment other than the date it’s supposedly to take place on, June 1st, so they make plans to learn more about the occasion. Sophia trolls downtown for any idle words and finds nothing worth nothing relating to the shipment, though she does hear about he return of a vicious-sounding ‘Pena.’ Kuku intends to hack into a Volcano member’s e-mail to see if he can find anything there, but is unable to even find an e-mail address to use.

The next afternoon, most of the group gathers at Vikky‘s store to continue the discussion. Without an e-mail, Kuku’s job is significantly more difficult, so Nixie sets out to determine when and where the shipment will take place, and possibly who will be involved. While she figures out the time (which turns out to be between 10:35 and 10:39 PM the next evening), Kuku gets to work hacking. With a snap of his fingers, he’s able to access a Volcano server and pluck out a number of emails regarding to the following topics:

  • Boris the Spider (2 emails sent by Alejandro Peno)
  • Spiranebel (1 email that’s the same as above)
  • Sape (too many to be useful)
  • King (too many)
  • Shogun (a few, none sent from/to that name)
  • Tick-Tock (quite a few)
  • Nacho (a few)
  • Volcano-owned properties and resources; Simon Carrel; Slash; Rumba (no results)
  • Rampage pings two short e-mails, one from a Pedro Hernandez to Elmo Stamos. “I heard Rampage is back in town. She’s your overboss. Is that true?” And the reply, “Unfortunately, yes.”

The emails can be viewed at Volcano Database Emails 1.

Elsewhere, as Sophia is walking around in town, a mysterious car pulls over for its driver asking what her destination is. Except that never really happened after all, did it?

Book says: {((^|^))} ! “Baunbaung Waunsaun! Mama, wau’s gouaun kaumpaun, woust maaushmaawouu! Nu!”


Thursday, May 30th and
Friday, May 31st, 2167


Waxing Crescent


Session Award | 4 XP
Challenge Award | 2XP
Total | 6 XP
Running Total | 42 XP



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