Small Change

A Door to the Dead

Story 1 - Session 14

Combat breaks. The Boneyard Boys are easily chipped away, but when Sophia shoots their young leader, something blatantly supernatural engulfs him in an oily, black veil covered with hundreds of red eyes. Whatever it was disappears completely, leaving no trace of the boy. The team resumes picking off the rest of them, stopping only when one cries mercy. Ana suggests to let them go, Kuku disagrees, and Nixie tries to draw some more information out of the two left. According to them, they have no idea what happened with the boy (who was only a fucktoy for older members), and had planned on letting him mess with their victim (a trespasser   a man looking for a client).

In the meanwhile, Sophia looks into the caboose mentioned by the boy previously. Within is a disturbing, sickening amount of human remains   what’s left of numerous atrocities. After more pressuring, the two Boneyard Boys deny they had anything to do with the caboose or what went on inside it. They list off a few members (Buttdog, Ripper, Death’s Head) but claim they don’t know anyone who’s involved or where they can be found, and deny there’s a scheduled time to meet. Just as the two start to grow incredulous over their position, Sophia and Vincent end them.

They address the victim now: a certain Gabriel R. Dyson, attorney at law. He came to the boneyard searching for his client, Julie Akagi. He describes her, “She’s half-Japanese. Overweight. Brown hair. She has a masculine voice.” She’d filed a civic suit against a man associated with the Boys, David Houston, over property damage. He hands them his card, saying he owes them one, and is on his way.

Nixie voices a desire to check out the caboose for ghosts and notices a weird barrier at the mouth of the car. While she researches the answer, Kuku hacks into the police radios to see if they’ve been alerted to the area; they have not. Through various back and forth between Nixie and her contacts and Vikky and Book, it’s determined that the weird barrier is, in fact, a portal to the realm of the dead.

Nixie is certain that this portal has something to do with the prophesied Bloody Dawn, and the team try to determine the best methods for preventing anyone from coming near it: burying it, moving it, covering the entrance with heavy objects, etc. They decide against moving it for fear of the portal staying where it is. For the interim before they find a more permanent solution, Sophia secures the doors with rebar. After multiple requests from Nixie to destroy a cruciform statue found near the portal, Ana obliges, absolutely leveling it.

The team is left without a solid lead on what could happen next, where or when.

Book says: {((9|9))} Nou zaumbau! ….Au wauk twaauns.


Saturday, June 8th, 2167


Waxing Gibbous


Session Award | 4 XP
Creation Bonus | 2 XP (Jen) & 2 XP (Laura & Kate)
Total | 8 XP
Running Total | 81 XP



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