WMFB News Channel 16

Having served the Thunder City area for more than 50 years, WMFB News Channel 16 provides local, national and international news to area residents. The channel focuses heavily on current news and politics and claims to deliver impartial, unbiased and truthful news, but as any other news source in Thunder City, the validity of that statement is highly debated. The channel does, at the very least, seem to provide objective reports on current events that can (probably) be regularly relied upon. Due to Thunder City’s high crime rate, a good portion of on-air time is spent on reporting local crime.

Notable Members

Olumide “Oscar” AfolayanNews caster (morning)
Joyce FarlowNews caster (morning)
Hollie RobertsNews caster (evening)
Quint DimovNews caster (evening)
Edison “Ed” WalshNews caster (evening)
Aaron DanielsSports
Kristophe “Kris” VenzelMeteorologist
Pascal VoclainPolitics
Trish IversField Reporter
Lucas JensenField Reporter
Jerry MontoyaField Reporter (crime)

88 Circle Court, Ste. B

WMFB News Channel 16

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