Volcano syndicate


Volcano syndicate heralds from Mexico, where it rolled up a number of drug cartels and has been pushing into both north and south America. As syndicates go, the sheer space occupied by Volcano syndicate is the most impressive. They have presence in numerous cities across the American continent and have also begun very assertive expansion into Eurasia. The drug trade is one of the major life’s blood elements of Volcano syndicate, and their wide range of territory has given access to everything from Colombian coca fields to Afghanistan poppies. Owing to their origins, Volcano is majority Latino, but their internationality does make them somewhat metropolitan.

Thunder City

Volcano syndicate, perhaps surprisingly, has made a comfortable home in central and downtown Thunder City, where they have a firm protection racket established on the local businesses.


  • Red and yellow.
  • Assault rifles.
  • An “erupting” upside-down V.
  • The “La eMe” insignia, absorbed along with the rest of the Mexican Mafia.

Notable Members



Associated/Absorbed Groups

  • The Mexican Mafia is now effectively owned by Volcano syndicate. Being one of the largest prison gangs in North America, they serve as Volcano’s main source of influence behind bars.
  • The Mongols Motorcycle Club, due to some of their past clashes with the Mexican Mafia, were mostly put down by Volcano syndicate and their remaining members absorbed.

Volcano syndicate

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