Unanswered Questions

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I Fell Into a Burning Ring of Fire

  • What exactly is the fire that came out of the suit case? Who made it?

More Than We Wanted And Less

  • How is Simon Carrel connected to Boris the Spider and The Pink Flamingo?
  • Who is the beautiful and mysterious Japanese Neosapien whose picture was found in Simon’s safe?

Ad Hack for Shipment

  • Who is the mysterious Sidereal trying to pick up Sophia, and why?
  • What is Oculus? Not that we can’t guess, perhaps.
  • What’s Boris doing hanging around The Pink Flamingo? That’s Rhino territory, if I recall.

And Now We Wait

  • What is the “mysterious resonance” that causes Vincent to accrue one of point Limit? (In response to Sophia’s “You’re not a gleaming Sherrif’s badge, ace.”)

A Door to the Dead

  • Who and where is Julie Akagi, Gabriel Dyson’s client? (It’s learned in Raisin that Julie died in her apartment. Her significance is still unanswered.)
  • Who and where is David Houston, a supposed Boneyard Boy?
  • What’s up with Kuku’s mysterious ‘flashback’?


Cricket Rampage

  • Is the building Sophia follows Rampage to Volcano’s headquarters? Does the garden on the roof belong to The Shogun?


  • What happened to Julie Akagi, and why?


  • What happened to the Boneyard Boy, and why? How is his death related to Julie Akagi’s?

Put Down the Beast

  • What’s up with Jimmy/The Beast of Extermination’s suit armor, and why did Ana react to it like she did her other artifacts?
  • How was Jimmy, as a human, able to wear an artifact suit of armor?

Bad Moon Rising

  • What caused Sophia’s “affliction” to disperse, if not for Vikky’s countermagic spell or Nixie’s pain-stealing touch?
  • Why did the group see the strange green serpent forms leaving Sophia when she was ‘healed’ but not the same for the Boneyard Boy?

Unanswered Questions

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