Timber River

Popular for fishing, cookouts, and just about anything except swimming (except at certain locations where the current is safe, the ground is shallow, and the wildlife is relatively predictable), the Timber is the closest thing you’ll get to a beach without a long drive. It sees considerable boat traffic depending on the season. Kayaking is popular, and wealthy citizens may invest in a boat for personal use.

The TImber is the site of the annual Shiver the Timber festival every June.


The Timber River was named such before the days of Thunder City when the cities north were clearing their trees; the workers devised a system of transporting the logs by sending them down the river and recollecting them at a net they made at the bend (located in the southern part of Thunder City). Those logs were then put toward industrial use, though much of what they became is no longer standing.

Recent Concerns

People have expressed concern about whether the fish caught from the river are safe to eat, as pollution has vacillated over the years. While the government has considerably reduced what is allowed to go into the river, tires and rubbish always seem to find their way in, and for their part, Thunder City officials have little say in what goes on upstream, but the issue requires attention at a state level.

Timber River

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