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The trusty Thunder Tribune is the go-to newspaper for Thunder City and the surrounding area (suburbs and some smaller neighboring cities included). While the newspaper business has seen a steady decline since the early 21st century, the Thunder Tribune has offered its printed news services for a continuous two centuries since its inception in the 1980’s.

Today, the general disinterest in printed copies of the daily news has limited its availability city-wide. (The safety hazards of delivering a newspaper in a city rife with crime – some of whose criminals would rather the news of it not get out – has also become an issue for the Tribune’s staff.) Currently, the paper can be purchased at most gas stations, organizations of public interest (like the Thunder City Metropolitan Library), and one-stop-shopping-type businesses. Most coffee shops and cafes carry copies of it for their patrons. The Tribune can still be delivered to your doorstep, but may not be delivered until after 8am in certain neighborhoods to minimize the risk of staffs’ safety.

In addition to the hard printed copies, the Tribune can be read online. Front-page and choice news articles are listed for free, but access to the whole paper requires a subscription. Many of Thunder City’s citizens access the news this way, and the service has long since passed printed copies in popularity.

All varieties of news are reported in the Tribune, which used to be known as the “know-all, tell-all” news source for Thunder City. In recent years, however, that claim has been largely discounted once news got out (by word of mouth) that the Tribune had started censoring or leaving entire articles out of the daily report – namely in regards to politics and news on the syndicate wars. This lack of transparency has made some readers doubt the paper’s trustworthiness, but its unpolitical, everyday news can be trusted.

Notable Staff:
Will Albrecht, Publisher
Storm Harver, Editor-in-Chief
“Wolf” Boehmer, Assistant Editor
Zavian Thorson, Lead Columnist
Roland Schneider, Reporter

The Thunder Tribune office is an unremarkable, small square building in Lightning territory. The warehouse adjacent to the office, where the papers are printed, is at least three times as large as the office to accommodate supplies, the printing press equipment, news archives, and printed papers that are ready for delivery. The parking lot is large despite the small building, to allow room for delivery and warehouse staff.

671 Hillview

Hours: *Public Access
Monday-Friday | 7:30am to 5pm

Thunder Tribune

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