Thunder City Layout


Thunder City’s lifeblood runs through its main roads.

The city is divided in half by the east-west running I-89 and further divided by three large highways that run predominantly north to south. The Timber River runs from north to south along the eastern third of the city. Those wishing to cross must go through I-89 and use the Lincoln Bridge or board the Thunderclap Monorail.

The Thunderclap Monorail runs exclusively south of I-89. The edges of the rail are located on four points, two of which (and the resulting rail line) are located in Lightning territory; a third point, and large portion of the corner rail lines, is located in Volcano territory on the northwest side of the city south of I-89; the fourth point, on the southwest side, is just outside of King territory. The rail crosses the Timber River twice, at the northern and southern parts of the city.

Five Points is Thunder City’s largest intersection of roads and has always seen frequent, if almost exclusively non-lethal, accidents. The roundabout is closed down during certain special events explicitly to prevent accidents.

Major Highways are marked on the map and include Geneva, Swift, Hillview, Lithia-Pinecrest, and Riverside Drive.

Large bus stations are… (info to come).

Commercial and Public Areas

When speaking of sheer traffic, particularly pedestrian traffic…

Old Downtown lies in the western central area, now Volcano territory, but the downtown area transitioned to southeast central over a period of about twenty years before the streets were renamed, putting it in an unaligned territory. While Old Downtown remains active, it’s also more rundown, and depending on when you go out, it is sometimes safer.

The heart of Downtown is considered Five Points, a large, glorified median in a roundabout with six offshoot roads. Five Points Park and Jasper Park are the places most likely to be selected to host special events in the city, Both are similar distance from the Timber River. These locations are all in unaligned territory and receive considerable attention from police officers in attempt to keep them safe.

China Town is located on the eastern side of the Timber River and is firmly in Lightning territory.

Municipal Areas

Places you can find The Man, or at least the official one…

The south side houses much of Thunder City Government. Thunder City Hall houses the Mayor’s and City Prosecutor’s offices as well as numerous records. You can find the Thunder City Police Department (location— who removed the map marker…?).

Densely Populated Residential Areas

(We should get a better idea of where these places are. It’s likely that South Side has a lot of less-dense, but still heavily-populated areas, including the largest number of houses (as it seems a little more spacious); Chinatown is bound to have a packed few neighborhoods and/or apartment buildings nearby; just outside old Downtown is probably pretty dense for apartments.)

Criminal Group Territories

Rhino has taken up most of the city north of I-89 and west of the TImber RIver.

Volcano territory runs from MLK (see map) on the west side to Geneva (Highway), and from I-89 to Swift (Highway).

King territory runs west of MLK and takes up much of the far west side of the city south of I-89.

Lightning Territory is basically everything south of I-89 and east of the Timber River.

The south side of the city is not under the control of any one criminal group, and is not yet firmly in the hands of any syndicate, but a number of smaller, less organized groups remain in the area. Much of the city’s government lies in the south side.

The furthest northwest section of the city, north of I-89 and west of Rhino Territory, is supposedly the stomping grounds of the Boneyard Boys.

Other Points of Interest

  • WMFB News Channel 16 is located on the southwestern side, not far from Volcano and King territory borders.

Thunder City Layout

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