Thunder City Event and Holiday Schedule

For convenience and IC fun, here is a list of upcoming events and holidays in Thunder City, as well as any local traditions associated with those holidays. Dates marked with XX change yearly, and are listed through 2171.

This page is currently a work-in-progress.


  • 01 Jan New Year’s Day
    + The food court of the local mall (TBD) sets up a mini food festival; the Carnival at Five Points will still be available through the evening, though the music stages are down.
    + For those who have the day off, Thunder CIty tradition is to take the bus to the maill once your hangover is manageable and stuff your face until it’s almost time for the free bus fair to run out. That’s when you realize you need to get to your car, and probably decide to pass on the Carnival. On the other hand, if you have young kids, tonight is a better night for the Carnival.
  • XX Jan Martin Luther King Day
    + Third Monday of January. Jan 20, 2167; Jan 19, 2168; Jan 18, 2169; Jan 16, 2170; Jan 15, 2171.
    + This holiday shows up moreso in schools and in the closure of government offices than on the streets, though barbecues and block parties are more common in minority-dominated neighborhoods. WMFB News Channel 16 usually runs at least one news segment on the holiday.
  • XX Jan-Feb Chinese New Year
    + The date for this event is complicated. Jan 31, 2167; Feb 19, 2168; Feb 08, 2169; Jan 28, 2170; Feb 16, 2171.
    + The festival in China Town, which usually receives at least some media coverage, particularly during the dragon dance. Attendance had been down due to a gunfight that erupted several years ago, but seems to have been slowly climbing again.
    + Picnics on the Timber River to watch the fireworks are common. The Proud Mary holds a special Chinese dinner cruise event tonight, though, which sells out every year.


  • 02 Feb Groundhog Day
    + Almost no one has the time or energy to look for the City Groundhog, Lil’ Squart, but for those who are interested, or have young children and the day off, there is a small ceremony near Thunder City Hall. Lil’ Squart is brought in courtesy of the Linger Lodge, which hosts its own celebration alongside the Roadkill Grill. The event usually garners some obligatory media coverage of children attending the event.
    + The Linger Lodge and Roadkill Grill have a Groundhog Viewing and luncheon special. There is a day-long barbecue held in the RV park at Linger which occasionally brings in a few outsiders (that is, people outside the bikers and rednecks that tend to patron these venues).
  • 14 Feb Valentine’s Day
    + Some restaurants will offer a couple’s special for at least one mealtime today.
    + Unofficial Thunder City Tradition, at least according to police reports and personal frustration, is that today is The Day to be doin’ it at the park. Not even at night, man.
    + Another unofficial Thunder City Tradition is actually a stealth remembrance of Lupercalia, a Roman festival. Punks downtown play a game of Slap-Ass on men and women (mostly women) in the street. Getting hit by a spank-and-run is considered good luck by some, and an offense to others. Feminists in particular have spoken out about this “Valentine’s Day ‘tradition’.”
  • XX Feb President’s Day
    + Third Monday of February. Feb 17, 2167; Feb 16, 2168; Feb 15, 2169; Feb 20, 2170; Feb 19, 2171.
    + Thunder City Government shuts down, but there is usually some small celebration in that area of the city, and media takes a few pictures.
  • XX Feb-Mar Mardi Gras
    + Dates are as follows: Mar 04, 2167; Feb 17, 2168; Feb 09, 2169; Feb 28, 2170; Feb 13, 2171.
    + Five Points and downtown are the focus of celebration. Typically, some of Thunder City’s classier locales will have an event of their own, such as a masquerade ball. Foodie Town has been known to pop up with spicy specials, as well as some tables/vendors that are only out for the day that serve Louisiana-style food.


  • 02 Mar Read Across America Day
    + Celebrated in schools and the library. Book sales are usually up.
  • 17 Mar St. Patrick’s Day
    + The old Fifth and Third does more business today than any other day of the year, including Cinco de Mayo, and as a result, has expanded its service to the outdoors of its block. There is usually at least one live band (often an Irish punk band covering traditional songs) in the area, as well as a bagpipe band that parades and plays for about fifteen minutes.
    + Green beer is served downtown, but there is no real festival here due to poor attendance.
  • 20 Mar Spring Equinox
    + There is no official celebration of this holiday, but picnics in the park among the new-agey types are popular. Sometimes the equinox falls on the 21st, but for the next decade, it will be on the 20th.
    + A garland of flowers is usually placed around the figure of the fountain in Five Points by someone who celebrates the equinox. At that point, it becomes Thunder City tradition to place flowers around the base of the fountain, usually one per person, hand-plucked. The tradition is quite old, but no one is sure how it started. Those with gardens living in the immediate area have complained, and some may bring their potted flowers indoors, to keep strangers from plucking them.


  • 01 Apr April Fool’s Day
    + It’s become a recent tradition for Thunder City Dance Squad to do something stupid and harmless today. Last year, officers responded to a noise complaint in an apartment complex to find it filled with playpen balls, crepe paper, and disco lights. The year before that, risque garments were placed onto the bodies of Thunder City’s statues, including a bra-and-panty set on the fountain at Five Points.
  • XX Mar-Apr Easter Sunday
    + Usually in April, the date is as follows: Apr 20, 2167; Apr 05, 2168; Mar 27, 2169; Apr 16, 2170; Apr 01, 2171.
    + An annual Easter Egg Hunt is held at Five Points Park, both well-attended by families and well-supervised by police to attempt to assuage public fears of violence interrupting this innocent event.


  • 05 May Cinco de Mayo
    + Thunder City tradition is to get absolutely shit-faced. Busy intersections in areas with a lot of pedestrian traffic, such as the Five Points roundabout and other hotspots downtown are shut down for safety, though bus fair is not free as it is for New Year’s Eve.
    + Foodie Town tends to appear with a Mexican flair, and there is usually a burrito-eating contest held today in the same location.
    + Police have been patrolling the parks more on this holiday for the drunk and disorderly, as aggression in public places have climbed.
    + Volcano Territory is where the real party is. The Mexican subsections of old downtown, which are heavily populated, practically reek of booze. Getting baked to high heaven while already in a drunken stupor is not uncommon.
  • XX May Mother’s Day
    + Second Sunday of May. Dates: May 11, 2167; May 10, 2168; May 8, 2169; May 14, 2170; May 13, 2171.
    + Many restaurants hold special brunches today.
  • XX May Memorial Day
    + Last Monday of May. Dates: May 26, 2167; May 25, 2168; May 30, 2169; May 29, 2170; May 28, 2171.
    + Thunder City Government is shut down.
    + Sales go on at many stores.
    + Barbecues are popular. There is usually an annual cookout at Jasper Park, pending weather, with a hot dog-eating contest.
  • XX May Annual Kite Festival
    + Dates to be determined weather permitting, as is convenient, but typically a weekend toward the end of May.
    + Celebrated along the Timber River with cookouts and kites. Some more elaborate kites, such as full dancing dragons, make the event popular even with those who do not intend to fly. Some Foodie Town vendors with carts will visit this festival.
  • May-June Renaissance Faire
    + Almost-annual, this fair has a tendency to pop up from mid-to-late May through mid-June, location TBD, but typically somewhere on the south side.


  • XX June Father’s Day
    + Third Sunday of June. Dates: Jun 15, 2167; Jun 21, 2168; Jun 19, 2169; Jun 18, 2170, Jun 17 2171.
    + The (soon-to-be-created?) sports stadium always has a game today, which is a reliable sell-out, sometimes ahead of time.
    + Going fishing at the docks of the Timber River is popular.
    + A barbecue is usually held at Jasper Park.
  • XX June ShiverFest, AKA Shiver the Timber
    + Date is usually on a Saturday in the middle of the month.
    + The traffic at the Lincoln Bridge is awful while the ships are coming through, but has typically cleared up by the afternoon.
    + Participants onboard approved vessels risk, yes, PIRATING. Performers in full regalia with bad accents wave and toss cheap beads to land-lubbers, but also seek booty onboard Her Majesty’s ships. Almost every large commercial ship in the area, even outside Thunder City, seeks permits to carry patrons aboard this river this day. Audience volunteers can indicate their desire to be kidnapped or toyed with by wearing special red ribbons on their sleeve. Age and health limits apply, but are approximated by the crew. Some participants may even get the chance to walk the plank if they desire (in shallow water, with trained lifeguard pirates nearby). The end of the ‘parade’ occurs at the Timber Bend and culminates in a buried treasure hunt, barbecue, and general hangout with the day’s ‘pirates’.
  • 20-21 Jun Summer Solstice
    + June 21st, except for in 2169, where it falls on the 20th.
    + This holiday is not widely celebrated, but a picnic and barbecue are held at Five Points and/or Jasper Park.


  • 04 July Fourth of July
    + Large barbecues are held in Jasper Park and Five Points Park.
    + Fireworks go off over the Timber River.
    + The Proud Mary offers a special evening cruise for this holiday, which is always sold out ahead of time. A number of other ships offer similar service for this day only.
  • XX July Thunder City Music Festival
    + Occasionally held in Five Points Park and downtown, otherwise held wherever there’s enough space. Attendance has fluctuated year-to-year depending on the bands performing. Crowds make this event a mess, which is why, despite public preference, the government would like this festival to be held in a more remote area of the city. Typically begins before sundown and lasts until 2:00 AM.


  • XX Aug Rib and Barbecue Festival
    + Dates determined by vendors. This is a weekend festival with most of its events happening on Saturday.
    + Held in Jasper Park, this event is actually more of a meat-eater’s paradise. Multiple food-eating contests are held and this is probably the only time of year that most people have a brush with food from the Roadkill Grill. Only Cinco de Mayo, St. Patty’s Day, and New Year’s have more beer sold than Saturday.
    + An annual cooking contest at the festival has cropped up, with several categories, including best ribs, chicken, steak, chili, and— “best use of bacon”.


  • 01 Sep Labor Day
    + Thunder City Government is shut down.
    + Barbecues are popular, but usually not at parks.
    + Stores usually have sales.
    + Unofficial Thunder City Tradition is to risk losing your job by calling off work if you think you can get away with it. Some groups encourage boycotting buying anything today.
  • 11 Sep Patriot Day
    + Thunder City Government is shut down.
    + The media usually airs a reminder of September 11th, but this holiday, while recognized, is not widely observed.
  • 22-23 Sep Fall Equinox
    + Falls on the 23rd, except for in 2169 and 2170, in which it falls on the 22nd.
    + This holiday is not widely celebrated. Sometimes a new-agey group will get together in a spot that changes every year for a picnic.
    + Straw dolls have a tendency to pop up in smaller shops and carts during this time and have slowly come to be associated with the season. Some craft stores have started stocking them as fall decoration.


  • 12 Oct Columbus Day
    + Columbus Day serves as a soapbox holiday about immigration, appropriation, and the preservation of culture. Somebody somewhere will be protesting or speaking out about something, and it will be at least briefly covered by media.
  • 30 Oct Mischief Night
    + Tonight is probably the only night that many people are thankful for the syndicates. Most people agree that tonight is a night to stay in, unless you want to be part of the mischief, though that is not a guarantee of safety in all areas.
    + Volcano, Rhino, and King turf become the safest places in the city. Members of the Lightning Syndicate do not protect their area nearly as much.
    + Non-syndicate grounds, particularly on the south side, are places only the foolish and desperate would venture outside after hours. Main Street and Downtown require constant police presence.
    + The Northeast corner of the city just outside Rhino Territory is extremely dangerous. Murders are found every year.
    + Most shops are closed, and barred if at all possible. Places that can afford it will hire extra security, even for this one night.
    + Mischief traditions vary from location to location, but can include acts such as toilet papering, egg throwing, smashing windows, vandalism, mugging, robbery, and acts of violence against anyone caught wandering around after dark.
  • 31 Oct Halloween
    + Due to the violence on Mischief Night, the Halloween ‘climate’ largely depends on how bad the damage from the previous night is. Parents are encouraged take their children trick-or-treating only in public locations such as malls and to remain with their children the whole time. Candy should be inspected to ensure it has not been tampered with.
    + The parks are routinely ‘spooked’, usually by high school students or college fratboys.
    + Halloween parties, including costume parties, are common.



  • 31 Dec New Year’s Eve
    + Events downtown lead up to the ball dropping at Five Points downtown. Five Points Park has a carnival set up under tents with heat lamps, with the exception of some rides. Live music accompanies festivities, usually on 5 stages. Roads downtown are shut down to prevent otherwise inevitable accidents and bus routes are changed to provide safe transportation to people’s homes. Bus fare is free for the next 24 hours, starting at 5 PM to make it easier for people to get back to their cars after their hangover has worn off. Local media always covers this event. Fireworks are sporadic and depend on the year, funds, and roping off a safe enough space to set them off.

Thunder City Event and Holiday Schedule

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