The Cats Meow

“Looking to spend some time and unwind with a naughty pussy cat? Come down to The Cat’s Meow — we’ll keep you purring all night long.”
- Advertisement for The Cat’s Meow

One of many establishments of questionable legality in Thunder City, The Cat’s Meow is a popular, middle-class strip club. In addition to nightly performances by some of Thunder City’s favorite “show girls,” TCW offers private exotic dancers for hire, escort services, exotic dance lessons, bachelor/ette party packages and more. While the business primarily focuses on male (or women-loving) clientele, they do offer a “ladies night” with male performers. The LGBTQA+ community is publicly welcome at this establishment.

While TCW is a legitimate and legal business, it is no small, well-kept secret that they also run an illegal, quite extensive brothel behind the scenes. Even if this side-business obviously exists, TCW is very careful about running it under the law’s nose (likely with the assistance of bribery or even Syndicate involvement) and has not yet been successfully prosecuted by the courts. The brothel runs mostly out of the apartments directly above the strip club.

TCW is owned by Lily Kauffman and managed by Moira “Kitty” Coghlan.



Sunday-Wednesday | 5pm – 11pm
Thursday-Saturday | 5pm – 2am

The Cats Meow

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