The Cathedral


(Small difference from the picture, the two buildings near the bottom are small parking lots instead.)

An old religious cathedral that was bought up and repurposed, The Cathedral is an aptly, if unoriginally, named Gothic/Industrial night club. Despite it’s rather simple name, many patrons of the club have given it unofficial alternates such as: Underworld Cathedral, Devil’s Cathedral, Cathedral of Darkness, of Pleasure, of Pain, etc. The reason for these names comes from its decor as well as its more specialized weekend scheduling.

Unlike its closest competitor, Rush (due to some music genre overlaps), the Cathedral has no particular rule against drugs or violence within its walls. However, this does not mean its patrons can get carried away with such activities. The club is guarded with fairly unfriendly looking bouncers who have been well known to have absolutely no qualms with teaching overly-unruly guests the error of their ways. Like many clubs, alcohol is served, with a wide variety of relatively unique and darkly named house drinks available. (Make stuff up! >.>)

As with its competitor, the Cathedral does not play favorites with who it caters to, owing no open allegiance to any Syndicate or other organization despite being within Volcano syndicate‘s borders. Whether this is because of its relatively close proximity to the Volcano and Rhino syndicates borders, some unknown agreement made with any Syndicates in question, or if the owner simple doesn’t care is entirely unknown.

The Cathedral is very much what one might expect from its name and origin; a quite fancy cathedral. The exterior of the building has been largely unchanged from its olden days as a religious gathering point, with the small exception of extraneous buildings having been long removed to make way for larger parking spaces. The large, once main doors of the cathedral have also been near permanently shut, opening only for undefined special occasions. Instead the primary entrance has been shifted to one of the two side doors (southern on the floor map).

The inside of the building, however, has been far more heavily altered. Much of the flooring has had its once eggshell white marble tiles replaced with redish-gray marble, while the dance floor area has been retiled with black marble. The raised section that now serves as a stage for live performances has been retiled in almost blood-red marble. All prominent religious statues have been removed and replaced with more sinister looking cloaked figures one might expect to see within an ‘evil cult’. Even a number of the stained glass windows have been replaced with more suitable darker motifed ones. Near every door of the building, as well as spread throughout at varying levels along the support pillars are life-like statues of ravens, quietly watching over all that transpires within.

A thick, low hanging fog nearly half a foot in height obscures the floor of the cathedral at virtually all times, prompting many patrons to warn new-comers about the hazards of dropping anything and not immediately picking it up, lest it get lost in the fog. This fog even manages to roll itself down into the lower floors, the first of which is the only one opened to the public. The first basement floor is a repurposed crypt that now serves as a quieter bar, lounge, and gaming area (primarily pool, with a couple of arcade machines).

Throughout the entire building is a not-so-subtle, though still noticeably gradual, shift in style of the decor from nearly angelic at the ‘top of the cross’ shape the building makes, to rather demonic near to the bottom by the sealed main doors. This shift is most notable in the statues and stained glass. The ‘cultist’ statues appear more kind and human the further they are from the door, while those nearest appear ghoulish and skeletal within their cloaks. The stained glass similarly shifts from depicting scenes of death and demons near the door while showing angelic scenes furthest away. The raven statues also follow this trend, with the only exceptions begin the two that reside on either side of the ‘demonic throne’, these instead matching the ravens above the main door in their ratty feathers, oversized claws, and serrated beaks. The throne itself also contrasts with theme, residing instead at the furthest point from the door on the angelic side of the cathedral.

The Cathedral does have the barest hint of a second floor, existing only as a grate catwalk overlook used almost exclusively by the bouncers.

It has also become known to the Small Change gang (and likely already known by the Syndicates) that the Cathedral is a fairly large manse. Although the exact type of manse has yet to be determined.


Monday – Closed
6pm – 2am Tuesday – Live Bands (Or Electronica/Techno if no band)
6pm – 2am Wednesday – Live Bands (Or Goth/Industrial if no band)
7pm – 3am Thursday – Electronica/Techno
7pm – 3am Friday – Goth/Industrial
7pm – 3am Saturday – Fetish Night (Goth/Industrial music) (Damn near anything goes: sex, drugs, bdsm, etc.)
7pm – 3am Sunday – Rave Night (Techno/etc music) (Damn near anything goes: sex, drugs, etc.)


The Cathedral

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