The Angry Chef

Called it’s official name, “Felix’s Italian Kitchen”, only by people who haven’t heard of it before, The Angry Chef is a largely Italian restaurant co-owned by brother and sister team Felix and Juliana Bagne-Barsetti, wherein the former plays the part of the Angry Chef and the latter, the restaurant’s gracious and beautiful hostess. The restaurant is located solidly in Volcano territory, and though it is sometimes patronized by other syndicates, Volcano retains a grip on it overall.

For locals, The Angry Chef is an iconic part of Thunder City’s feel and a kind of acquired taste comedy club. For outsiders, it is a strange and potentially very unpleasant experience that began with really good food and probably ended in mortification. Often described as “amazing food; terrible customer service”, it earned its moniker through the extremely loud and dramatic displays of Chef Felix, who is incredibly proud of anything that comes out of his kitchen. Something to note about The Angry Chef is that it is suspiciously lacking in condiments of any kind. Customers who have been to the restaurant before are very likely to understand this is the chef’s express wish, but it may baffle newcomers. Just don’t ask for salt and pepper.

The menu of The Angry Chef is primarily Italian with a small selection of foreign cuisine. Supposedly the chef can be talked into making just about anything if you are in good standing with him, provided the ingredients are available. The restaurant offers catering as well. The prices range from extremely reasonable for most food to exorbitant for some of its more bizarre, special-order only arrangements.

Reservations are not necessary, but encouraged.

Seating is cozy and entirely indoors; Chef Felix ordered all the outside tables removed when he and his sister bought the place, which used to be a pizzeria, and the kitchen was entirely remodeled. Seats are a soft red leather, and the tables are brightly-polished and sealed wood. Copper accents can be found on every wall and even the ceiling, including copper pots. The restaurant has double-doors when you enter, and the secondary exit is through the kitchen. Bathrooms are kept quite clean, despite their number for volume of use, and often have cute, inexpensive freebies in them (though those often disappear quickly). There is a back room meeting area, which is available for rent, and a second floor which functions partly as a catering space and partly as an over-night stay spot for staff.

41 Old Main St.

Weekdays: | 4PM-11PM, (last call 10PM)
Weekends | 11AM-11PM (last call 10PM)
Special Events | By schedule

The Angry Chef

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