Tea Tiny Shoppe

Located on the edge of the Timber River near Downtown, the Tiny Tea Shoppe is an unassuming tea room in a strip of shops. It neighbors cafes, consignment stores, clothing stores, and a spice shop on the Riverwalk. The shop is owned and ran by a mother and daughter who share a passion for tea and tiny, tiny things.

The Tiny Tea Shoppe has two special nighttime events on the second Tuesday and final Sunday of each month, as well as other events, day and night, as scheduled. Reservations are recommended for these events, but spaces are sometimes available.

There is a small section of the restaurant showcasing teapots, cozies, tea, and accessories for sale.


Like its neighbors, the Tiny Tea Shoppe has a coral-painted exterior with windows peering inside. The inside is done largely in wood, and in pink and neutral, honey-wood tones with cream-colored accents. Tables are draped with waterproof, printed clothes bearing flowers, strawberries, and other cute designs. Knick-knacks are predominantly tea-themed, often very small, from porcelain to candles. For special events, fresh flowers may be put on the table, or for special nighttime openings, candles are typically lit.

Sweet, savory, spicy, and strange combinations of tea sandwiches in cute shapes are available in assorted plates, often accompanied by mini-quiches, cracker arrangements, and phyllo cups. Vegetarian options are available. A monthly specialty full sandwich is offered, as well as a monthly type of salad and soup. Scones, cookies, breads, muffins, cakes, and all manner of chocolate and fruit desserts are available as well. There is a monthly specialty tea, as well as seasonal blends, and a rotating assortment of teas to choose from on a daily, as-available basis.

Many of the items offered by the Tiny Tea Shoppe are, as the name would imply, quite small, and sometimes come in groups of three, such as the mini tea-sandwiches. Guests are offered a choice of tiny teacups and food or standard size.

1428 Riverwalk Dr.

Daily | 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Second Tuesday and Last Sunday of the month | 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Tea Tiny Shoppe

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