Sikich Laboratories

Situated in the heart of King syndicate‘s territory, Sikich Laboratories is a small organization of research and medical scientists whose loyalty to King is obvious and unquestionable (though the reasons why vary). Sikich specializes in the study of biology, specifically that of what differentiates neosapiens from homo sapiens. Speculatively, King syndicate directly assists and funds (or at least protects) Sikich’s efforts that “just might” result in a “neosapien serum.” (If such a goal is even possible, it is still surely decades, if not centuries, away from fruition.)

Sikich has published many national and international articles on their research. Their efforts are frequently reported in Thunder City media, such as the likes of WMFB News Channel 16 and Thunder Tribune. They often hold press conferences and speak at local colleges, inviting scientists new and old to join their mission.

Sikich Laboratories is currently led by Neosapien Dr. Martin Gevorgian.

Even though Sikich is publicly tied to (if not immediately managed by) King syndicate, St. John’s Memorial Hospital does outsource some genetic and biological work to it, most likely due only to its proximity to the hospital. TCPD is hesitant to but will on occasion request DNA analysis from Sikich. One can also call and arrange to have a paternity test analyzed.

The building Sikich Laboratories resides in is unremarkable and straight-forward. It does not provide any unnecessary functions or even really aesthetics; it is incredibly plain, with standard, rather boring and dated decor. The entire building seems to work under the policy of “if it works, don’t fix it,” no matter how old or ugly something might be. This is, understandably, to minimize expenses and divert funds to the work that goes on within the building instead of the building itself. The designer – if there even was one – seemed to favor drab and unexciting colors.

However, Sikich’s labs are among the best in the surrounding cities; where everything else is cut to the non-extravagant basics, the labs are home to sleek counter tops, extensive shelving and the most up-to-date equipment a modest and mostly independent laboratory can afford.

107 West Madison Street

Monday-Friday | 8am-5pm

Sikich Laboratories

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