Rush is an up-and-coming rave night club located in Southside Thunder City. While relatively new to the city, the club has rapidly grown in popularity since opening five years ago, mostly due to its eclectic style and friendly policies. Its purpose, as described by the owner, is “to provide for the night of your life without sacrificing security and safety.”

Rush is almost notoriously known for its strict no-drug, no-violence policy and likens itself to a nightlife sanctuary. The club is staffed by a good number of highly skilled bouncers who patrol the building to prevent and end all physical violence that happens on premise; these bouncers also frequently act as mediators to resolve all notable cases of verbal and psychological violence, and as look-outs for any drug activities. This makes Rush an inhospitable place for temper-prone or drug-toting guests. Alcohol is served on premise, but Rush frequently limits its access to problematic or overly inebriated guests.

Despite being quite popular, Rush is easy to access and relatively cheap to get into – if there is enough room within. Standard occupancy is 350. Towards the end of the night, a line to get in frequently goes out the door.

While Rush has not publicly spoken out on the Syndicates, it is widely known that the club is an impartial establishment that caters to all regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, economic status, affiliations and otherwise. It is inferred that Rush has never had and never will have intention to cater to any Syndicate.

Rush is owned by resident “Odd”-trepreneur Karian Donovan.

From the outside, Rush is an unassuming industrial-style box building of brick and metal, three stories tall. Two large, darkly tinted windows face the street on the first floor, and single windows (all bricked off) also span across the front, four to a floor. The double entry doors sit in the South East corner and open into a small foyer and another set of double doors.

Inside, Rush’s architecture is straight-forward, its decor eclectic. A fully stocked bar takes up a good chunk of the West wall near the windows, with enough bar stools to surround. Beyond the bar, the dance floor takes up the vast majority of the rest of the first floor. The floors of the second and third floor are cut out in the middle of the complex, allowing a clear view of the first floor from the remaining perimeter “balconies.” Both men’s and women’s restrooms are found in the front of the second floor.

In place of typical restaurant-style booth seating, the walls are lined with all varieties of chairs, couches, cushions, and end tables in any number of different materials, styles and quality, resembling a second-hand store’s furniture lineup. While there is also a small variety of different lamps and lights, most of the club is lit by low ambient glow and the bright, neon light show that goes on most of the night.

1301 South Sycamore

Monday-Thursday | 6pm-12am
Friday & Saturday | 6pm-5am
Sunday | Closed

Rush is closed for most major Federal holidays.


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