Rhino syndicate


Rhino syndicate was grown on U.S. soil, mostly around Chicago and on toward the east coast. Its major claim to fame is boasting the tightest stranglehold of the international arms trade of any syndicate, which is not only the largest contributor to its coffers, but also gives it considerable resources in equipping its members. The iconic tell-tales of a Rhino syndicate member are openly-borne, heavy armaments and armor. Rhino syndicate’s membership is for the most part African-American. Besides black market weapon sales (including explosives), Rhino syndicate is also heavily involved in the domestic drug trade.

Thunder City

Rhino syndicate controls the northern uptown portion of Thunder City. The syndicate’s notorious aggression has made it a place many others consider an especially bad part of town, if still a little more orderly than southside.


  • The colors brown and grey.
  • Openly-carried, heavy weaponry and personal armor.
  • Trademark gang hand signs, varying from region to region, including the American Sign Language letters “R” and “S”, the latter raised like a salute.
  • Clearly enough, rhinoceros-related pictures or paraphernalia.

Notable Members



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Rhino syndicate

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