Mr Golds Pawn Shop and Oddity Emporium

Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop and Oddity Emporium is precisely what it sounds like: a combination of a standard pawn shop and an (almost) anything goes store for the weird, the wacky, the occult, and the (probably) borderline illegal. Mr. Gold’s, as it’s far more commonly known as, has been in business for less than a decade. It sells a wide variety of items ranging from instruments, legal firearms and weapons, old records, electronics, collectibles, jewelry, occult paraphernalia, books, antiques and anything in between. The “Oddity Emporium” part of the store specifically caters to stranger items such as “authentic” ritual paraphernalia, shrunken heads, voodoo dolls, cult collectibles, incense, jars of sometimes indistinguishable contents, and the like.

Rumor has it that Mr. Gold’s has a ‘members only’ back room where even more dangerous, rare or bizarre items can be viewed, but this theory has neither been proved or disproved. As it is, if you’re looking for something specific – within reason, Mr. Gold himself can probably get what you need.

Like all standard pawn shops, Mr. Gold’s also purchases items of sufficient worth and quality from anyone, no questions asked. Bartered trades are also accepted.

The relationship between Mr. Gold’s and Lightning syndicate, in whose territory it resides, is unknown.


Mr. Gold’s is an otherwise unremarkable store that rents out of an unassuming box-shaped building; it shares the divided building with another store and a coffee shop. The perimeter of the store is lined by glass display cases and shelving, and (almost) wall-to-ceiling bookshelves provide a few ‘aisles’ for guests to peruse. The wares are the store’s only decoration, aside from the practical metal bars protecting the windows and door. There is a separate room dedicated to the oddity emporium that follows the same ‘decor’ as the main showroom, but which is minimally decorated with ethnic crafts and red-tinted lighting to make things more interesting. The rooms are divided with a bead curtain.

All of Mr. Gold’s offerings are grouped in like items to expedite browsing. Some, more precious items (like autographed objects) are kept behind the counters and can be viewed on request.

73 Whitaker
Lightning Territory

Monday-Friday | 10am-9pm
Saturday & Sunday | 11am-4pm

Mr Golds Pawn Shop and Oddity Emporium

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