Map color codes

Location Markers

When adding locations to the map, please try to adhere to these color code conventions for the locations’ pushpins, based on what faction/power base the location is associated with.

Neutral/Unassociated (Other): Light Grey (#bbbbbb)
Neutral/Unassociated (Restaurants): Mid Grey (#999999)
Neutral/Unassociated (Businesses): Grey (#666666)
Neutral/Unassociated (Recreation): Dark Grey (#333333)
Rhino syndicate: Brown (#5c4033)
Volcano syndicate: Red (#ff0000)
Lightning syndicate: Cyan (#00ffff)
King syndicate: Indigo (#4b0082)
Thunder City government: Blue (#0000ff)

Note: Landmark, street, and geographical features may be differentiated by the dragon symbol on their light grey tags.

Color Key

On the map itself, the following colors signify -
Yellow: Square/office park.
Light blue: Water
Light red: The interstate
Dark grey: City highways
Light grey: City streets
Light green: City parks
Dark green: Trees
Dark red: The Thunderclap Monorail

Map color codes

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