Linger Lodge

Part RV park, part hotel, all what little ‘country’ is in Thunder City, which is to say precious little. The Linger Lodge is a direct business partner with its neighbor, the Roadkill Grill, something reflected in both its aesthetic and its attitude. The RV park is quite spacious, though nothing special, and the lodge rooms are a modest price for modest accommodations. For those who like to fish or kayak out on the Timber River, it’s the place to be.

Lodge rooms sleep anywhere from 2-6 people with up to two beds and a folding couch, feature a bathroom with a tub and shower, television set, and mini-fridge with beer bottle opener. Washers and dryers are located downstairs in the utility room, adjacent to the lobby. Coffee, biscuits, toast, and cereal are provided in the morning, but for real food, guests are encouraged to visit the Grill. Check out is at noon.

The Lodge, when it first opened: (not pictured: an entire wall lined with singing bass fish)*

*Just kidding. Maybe.

The lodge is all vanished wood and brick, and considerably less bright than the photo of its early days would indicate, but it’s still mostly clean, and— broken in, not in a bad way, depending on your taste. There are three floors, with 24 rooms, or 8 per floor, with a great open lobby in the center.

The grounds are largely plain, but have room for over 20 RVs. They offer little more than utility hookups and some peace, but the price is right. Though the lodge itself is in a clearing, the RV park is surrounded by trees. The Roadkill Grill is literally just down the street.

85 Linger Lodge Road

Daily: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Linger Lodge

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