Lincoln Bridge

The Lincoln Bridge is the section of I-89 that crosses the Timber River. It is a self-anchored, cable-stayed suspension bridge with two central pylons and 72 gold-tone cables that are lit up at night. Each side of the bridge has three wide traffic lanes.

High-traffic as they come and just as scenic, the Lincoln Bridge is one of the most photographed features of Thunder City. It is also probably the number one spot for suicides, due in part to its beauty and the peaceful image of the water below. Thunder City Government is planning the construction of an expensive suicide barrier to discourage jumpers from making the 120-foot drop into the Timber.

Yellow warning lights flash to warn drivers of high winds. The bridge may be closed during dangerously-high winds. Tricolor traffic lights indicate when the bridge is getting ready to go up to allow ships to pass.



The Thunder Bridge was rebuilt and renamed in 1995 to accommodate the expansion (and diversion) of the Interstate through Thunder City. It is still sometimes referred to as the Thunder Bridge, more of a spirit name than one in regular use. Outsiders in particular are unlikely to know of the old name, so using the old name is likely to be a mark of someone born and raised here.

Preceding a storm at dusk:

At night:

Lincoln Bridge

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