Lightning syndicate


Lightning syndicate is something of an oddball in the family of global crime syndicates, operating (like Millennium syndicate) through more legal channels than not. The primary investments of Lightning syndicate are in research industries, including pharmaceuticals, power companies, and major shares in DARPA. Not just interacting with these groups financially, the syndicate also has numerous men and women on the inside, in business or research roles. Besides giving them a financial leg up, these assets also grant them copious insider access on technology, which, combined with their Neosapien resources, sometimes gives them some very exotic edges over the competition. New devices developed by the syndicate’s labs are often sold to other syndicates, which has helped keep them in relatively good graces with most of their bretheren. Lightning syndicate originated in Japan, supported by the electronics boom of that country as well as the influence of the Yakuza.

Thunder City

Lightning syndicate occupies only a small territory, mostly of warehouse space on the east side.


  • Silver and/or light purple.
  • Labcoats are rarely but occasionally worn as intentional outward identifiers by members, even outside of laboratory settings.
  • Exotic/unusual weaponry.
  • A lightning bolt symbol.

Notable Members



Associated/Absorbed Groups

  • A few Yakuza organizations were absorbed by Lightning in its home country, mostly bought out rather than conquered by force.

Lightning syndicate

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