Leeron C Jenkins Weather Museum

This weather museum is probably stuck in many the memory of children who have grown up in Thunder City, and remains a popular school tour destination. The museum features a timeline, interactive displays and exhibits, and free tours daily at 11, 1, and 3 PM on weekdays and at 1 and 3 on Saturday. The museum is closed on Sunday, though the cafe remains open daily.

Admission costs $10 for adults, $5 for teens, and kids 12 and under are free. Admission only grants entry into the remainder of the museum beyond the gift shop

The museum is largely designed to appeal to children and families, though events, including storm watches and stargazing, are held throughout the year. Typically these events attract a somewhat older crowd, meaning college students and weather enthusiasts. Most events are free, but are advertized through email alerts either with a quarterly newsletter or a special alert.

The Leeron C. Jenkins Weather Museum began as a tribute to Thunder City’s former leading meteorologist of the same name by his son, Jefferson Montell Jenkins, who has taken over his father’s seat. The museum is supported, like many other museums, by admission and donations, including the donation of time by volunteers. The elder Jenkins is the weatherman Thunder City residents over the age of 30 grew up with and, upon his retirement (as well as his son taking over for him), became the leading docent and speaker of the museum, as well as its board chairman. Jenkins does not typically adhere to a full schedule, but can be found on museum grounds most days, either leading tours or sitting on one of the benches by the lake.



The museum itself is somewhat small and both an indoor and outdoor venue. In the main museum are exhibits on the history and technology associated with meteorology, as well as exhibits on actual weather physics and phenomena, with each of these quadrants housing a few rooms or exhibits each. Most rooms have something interactive in them and something child-friendly.

The museum is a somewhat rounded concrete building with steel beam reinforcement. There are very few windows, except in the entryway, and there are emergency exits in each of the quadrants. The center of the building is a small theatre showing weather films (free with admission) daily at 1 and 3, and is just past the museum’s gift store, which functions as its ‘front entrance’ features weather- and science-related gifts, as well as a small section of Jenkins memorabilia that is surprisingly popular. Moving from exhibit to exhibit is largely linear with a clockwise progression, beginning from and ending at the gift shop.

The secondary features of the weather museum are its grounds— a small bird and butterfly garden and pond with two benches— and its cafe, the Storm Shack.

List of Exhibits

History of Meteorology (timeline and short video)
Famous Weather Investigators
Early Technology
Weather Radar
Modern Technology
The Atmosphere
Air Currents, Electricity, and Magnetic Fields
Thunder Storms
Lightning (types mention, but exclude ball lightning— see phenomena exhibit)
Ice and Snow
Weather Phenomena (incl. ball lightning, northern lights, etc)
Climate Change


46 Brambleberry Lane


Monday-Friday | 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday | 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Special Event schedule is to be determined.

Leeron C Jenkins Weather Museum

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