I-89 Highway

If there is just one road in Thunder City, it is I-89. Whether you are coming into or leaving the city, odds are you’ll be wanting to take the interstate. It is the only major highway that all the way through the city and consequently sees heavy traffic volumes, particularly when citizens are on the way to or from work. Large portions of it are raised, with underpasses to allow city through-traffic to make it from the north to south sides.

The highway itself is separated by a very wide median or by being separately raised; the opposing directions of traffic only come into close quarters on the bridge. Most sections of I-89 are four-lane traffic. There are no tolls on i-89 in Thunder City limits, though there are tolls further beyond the city. The roadsides are largely empty fields of grass. There are trees near the interstate as you leave Thunder City.

The Lincoln Bridge is where I-89 crosses the Timber River. Traffic backups are par for the course around rush hour, and if there’s been an accident, there can be quite a wait, which is why many residents, if they can afford it, prefer to take the monorail.

From the highway, you can get a good glimpse of the edges of China Town and the edge of Old Downtown, the Timber River, and the Boneyard.

I-89 Highway

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